Bhavana is here!

Bottled Indian goodness

So Bhavana arrived.

It certainly falls under the ‘classic Indian profile’ category, but its quite unusual too. Sure, many of the distillation techniques employed to craft this oil were more traditional compared to Aatma, but you might recall that we threw in our own modifications. Sniffing my wrist right now, its like a classic Hindi oud profile being screened through some very unexpected ‘filters’.

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Bhavana: Custom distillation techniques embrace age-old tradition

100% Pure Agarwood OilBhavana is a fascinating adventure in the world of oud distillation, just as it is an olfacory adventure in the broad scent spectrum that it offers.

Right after the distillation of Aatma and Hindi Khalis was concluded, I told the distiller to craft yet another oud. The oil was to be distilled from agarwood stock virtually identical to that used for making Aatma, but with slightly different techniques. Continue reading

Oud Kalbar – a Borneo Anomaly

Between horrible, mediocre and spectacular, there are quite a few oud oils on the market from the eastern part of Borneo island, known as Kalimatan Timur or Kaltim for short. Our Borneo Symphony is an example of a very high quality oil extracted from trees from this part of the island.

But the western part of Borneo island is a region whose oud very few people are acquainted with. And there’s a very good reason why.

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