A glimpse into the life of an agarwood hunter


What I’m going through is nothing.
Sure, I nearly fainted several times (and in the most inconvenient of spots, like crossing a tree trunk over a creek 6 feet below), got bruised up, punctured, bitten, and more sore than a gruelling cardio session. 
But what really humbles me is the realization that agarwood hunters do this all the time, sometimes even for months on end. Not just a mere 16 hours.
And usually, in countries where agarwood is way more scarce than where I am right now.

I am so happy I have my staff on a full-time monthly salary basis. Just thinking about hunters going through this kind of tribulation and usually NOT finding agarwood (which is more often the case than finding agarwood), it troubles me deeply to imagine the kind of anguish they must feel.
And even when they do find agarwood, they have to carry the wood on their backs out of the jungle, then have to clean and carve it…

I now have even more respect for these guys. And more reverence for agarwood as well.

Treasure even the tiniest sliver of agarwood you possess.

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