AgarAura’s 3-Year Anniversary

Guys, its been an amazing 3 years!

When I first launched AgarAura, I had no idea it was going to turn out to become what it is today. It started out as a hobby but to me its so much more than that now.

I’ve always been the artsy type. Having won first place at a national art competition at the age of 13, teaching myself classical Indian, Arabian and Persian musical structures, and my wedding gift to my wife being an oil painting I made… I was often posed the question what I was doing working at an accounting firm (PwC).

Having grown up in Saudi Arabia, I still remember clearly how my feet would just slow their pace when I passed an oud shop. It was as though the sizzling frankincense and bubbling oud chips were beckoning me.
Sure I loved staring at clouds, mountains and trees, trying to figure out how best to capture what I saw on canvas, but it was always perfumery that I found to be the most alluring.

AgarAura started out by offering only oud oils, and occasionally oud chips. Soon, I started designing my own distillations in an effort to create customized oud scents.

One day, I decided to make an oud-rose blend for my fiance. People who smelled my first oud-rose blend loved it so much that I decided to create a very unique blend and see how it fared with my customers. It was none other than Mukhallat Al-Naqi. I wanted to make it something very unique, and different from all other mukhallats/attars/perfumes/colognes. It was met with SO much appreciation that I ended up creating an entirely new line of products – oud-based blends. Exotic, friendly, and yet utterly different from anything people would have smelled before.

AgarAura became an outlet for my artistic side.
Accounting is drier than the Sahara. And married life sure doesn’t leave me much spare time for painting or other artsy activities. I quickly realized that designing my own custom distillations for oud oils and creating mukhallats proved to be the perfect way to satisfy my artistic urges.

But more than anything, AgarAura became my venue for meeting wonderful people around the world. More than just ‘customers’, I can proudly say that I now have friends in no less than 5 continents. I want to thank each and every one of you for not just your business, but for your friendship.

You’ll notice that there aren’t a lot of products in my catalog right now – in the past 6 months I have sold out of oils that I thought would have lasted a year in as little as a month.
So what’s in AgarAura’s pipelines? From what may be just about the most unusual Indian oud, the most pristine and delicate Borneo wild-agarwood extraction, oud oils from a country whose ouds I’ve never carried before, to more high quality oud-based blends, I look forward to releasing some very special products for your olfactory delight.
And as usual, I love to hear from you what you want. This past year I really tried to cater to customers’ requests, and not only were sales fantastic but the products were received with unprecedented love and appreciation.
I would like to encourage all of you to continue to share your suggestions with me. : )

Once again – thank you for your business. And thank you for your friendship!

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  1. Brother…thank YOU! Thank you for your wonderful creations. Thank you for always thinking of your customers/friends first! Thank you for being a good friend! Congrats on 3 years, and hopefully many many more to come! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the future.

  2. Taha,

    thanks for sharing some insights on the history and development of AgarAura. It leads me to appreciate the philosophy of AgarAura even more. What I´d definitely like to see is another JTB. And more oils in the line of Kampuchea– soft but intense.
    I think my interest will be shared by others, too.
    Also, the chips you recently offered are simply fantastic! I do not let one single day pass without burning some of that wood. It´s simply great!

    Keep up the good work,
    kind regards and Blessings,
    Thomas S.

    1. You’re welcome Thomas. Glad you’ve been enjoying JTB so much! I do plan to release another JTB-type blend soon (a little different of course).

      And I’m happy you’ve been enjoying the wood you got. Its great isn’t it?
      And ya know what.. speaking of releasing products, I plan to release (very soon) Kuno Kayu, a wild-harvested, naturally-infected Borneo oil. A cousin of Kemenyan, but this time *exclusively* distilled only from wood from 1 single region – yep, the exact same as the Borneo sinking chips you got! Stay tuned…

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