Al-Syed Byakudan No.1

Agar Aura’s Byakudan No. 1 is our first ever hands-on non-oud distillation.

Although it was meant to be part of the private ‘Syed Series‘ collection of oils which I distill for myself and only share with a very small number of people due to the insane costs and limited availablity of certain batches of raw materials, in the case of Byakudan No. 1 the cost-per-gram turned out to be close enough to being ‘sane’ so I decided to share it with a larger circle of lovers of high grade artisanal oils.

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Kemenyan – Old School Borneo Oud

100% Pure Agarwood OilMany thanks (and congratulations) to everyone who got a bottle of our now sold-out Borneo Noir. We have never sold out of 5 tolas of oud as quickly as Borneo Noir!

Borneo Noir having been a successful experiment at creating an oil using shavings collected from carving sinking-grade (highest grade) agarwood, I told the distiller right away that I wanted him to craft another oil like it, but with a few modifications.

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