Indian oud wood, in a bottle

Have you noticed that of all the ouds from all the oud-producing regions of the world, Indian oud oils smell the least similar to the smell of heated Indian agarwood chips?

There are certainly a few (very few, in fact) fine Indian oils available today that smell great and are of impressive quality, however they have an altogether different scent when you compare them to the smell of the intoxicatingly delicious wisps of smoke that rise from an Indian agarwood chip atop a lighted coal.

Cambodian oud smoke and oud oils have clean and fruity profiles. Heat a fine East Borneo wood chip on a coal, and you will be amazed at how similar it smells to our East Kalimantan LTD oil. Any Papua island oud oil is sure to smell very similar to the smoke of Papuan wood.
In short, all oud oils can be linked to the smoke produced from heating their respective chips… except Indian ouds.

That has changed now.

Many of you have been following the progress updates on the AgarAura facebook page regarding the unbelievably-high-quality-and-never-done-before Indian oud project we embarked on, and were waiting as eagerly as I was to experience the resulting oud.

So how are the results? Spectacular.

This is the first Indian oud oil I have experienced that smells identical to the smoke of gently heated Indian wood chips. You know that buttery sweet, slightly fruity and slightly spicy note that you smell when the chip juuuust starts to bubble after you place it on a coal? For the first time in the history of oud distillation, that note has been put into a bottle.

I’m so excited that I’m torn between going to the extent of examining and sharing each scent note meticulously, versus just letting everyone just smell the oil themselves.
So I concluded that I’ll give you only a rough idea for now, and then let you fall in love with it yourself when you smell it.

Main scent notes: creamy-sweet woodiness (think aged Mysore sandalwood), sweet hay, dried fruit, plums, a hint of pouch tobacco, a touch of bitter woodiness, a touch of sweet leather.


Prepare yourself.


Release date: Monday, October 17, 2011.


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  1. First of all congratulation ahead on the upcoming patch. I have not been able to discern from the postings if this is going to be Hydro-distillation as typically done with Hindi Oud? Secondly, have you though about prizing? and finally would we be able to sample it?

    1. Thanks brother!
      Yes indeed, it was distilled using the traditional ‘deg bhapka’ method, the ‘old school’ Indian style.
      The price would be in the same range as Purana, maybe a bit cheaper (believe it or not).

      As for samples…. there is already so much buzz that I think I might sell out of this one sooner than I thought! If that’s the case, I might be forced to not have samples.
      I’ll have to assess how the sale volume is next week. Get back to me some time next week, and I’ll let ya know!

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