Oud Kampuchea – a Visage of Antiquity

After running out of Cambodi Sultan, I rang up the distiller and told him I wanted another oil just like it. Over the course of the next several months, he gave me samples of new distillations, each one more disappointing than the previous.
I was convinced that Cambodian oud was history, for AgarAura.

Then things changed.
He managed to get wood from the Roneam Doun Sam forest in western Cambodia. What I found most exciting was that the resin formation in the heartwood was estimated to be 7-9 years old.
Words cannot express the excitement I felt – the oil was a visage of antiquity. This is what true Cambodian oud would have smelled like if it was distilled half a century ago.

So what is this oil like? It’s remarkably similar to our Cambodi Sultan, and opens with an almost identical translucent ethereal quality. It is however fruitier and livelier, with classic Cambodian oud notes of plums and figs. A limpid resinous top note crowns the scent, and as the oil develops on the skin hints of nectarines and peaches emerge. The opening smells more red and purple, while the heart is more yellow and gold. If you were a sucker for Cambodi Sultan’s fruitiness, Oud Kampuchea will have you swooning.
The oil dries down to a flawless sweet, resinous, woody accord.

Please note that I was only able to procure a very limited quantity of this oil. Grab your bottle today, and let your senses get a taste of one of Earth’s most precious offerings. A taste of Cambodia.

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  1. So please tell us, did you get to smell the raw wood heated? If so, please don’t describe it, or I will become extremely jealous 🙂

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