Terengganu project – YOU design the Oud!

When it comes to RAW agarwood, the state of Terengganu boasts the most beautiful scent profile in all of Malaysia. When it comes to oils, its a neck-to-neck competition between Terengganu (far north-east) and far-west states (Perak, Malacca, Selangor, etc). Keep in mind, I’m ONLY referring to ‘prettiness’ right now. Other states are great too of course, each in their own way (e.g. Johor = explosive, Kelantan = grounding, and so on).

We’ve already completed the trial distillation for the next Malaysian project: our first Terengganu oil. But before I finalize the distillation parameters, I want to ask YOU what you want, so that the distillation can be tweaked accordingly.

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