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In Neriko and Bushi No Kaori, you got to experience two very different, and among the most ancient genres in the Japanese incense tradition.

Unlike Neriko’s flamboyant sweet creamy-woodiness and Bushi No Kaori’s serious and sombre character, Soryo No Kaori strikes a perfect balance in its scent notes. There’s dark woodiness, sweeter notes, zesty highlights and serene woodiness – all united in perfect harmony.
It is the scent of the monk.

Alongside oud oil, another key ingredient in this blend is authentic Japanese Hinoki wood oil. Hinoki has a long history of being used in traditional architecture including palaces, shrines and temples. It is also used in Reiki, healing and cleansing.

Soryo No Kaori has subtle suggestions of spices used in traditional incense mixes that are also regarded as having purifying properties. A gentle smokiness coupled with the classic ingredients paints a vivid image of an ancient Japanese temple, the Hinoki wood structure dark with age and its soft woody smell mixed with centuries’ worth of incense burnt. Threads of fragrant smoke rise from a bronze censer where agarwood and other incense materials are burning and exuding a tantalizing aroma.

The whole scene is one of peace and serenity.

Price: $165
2.5 grams per bottle

$15 Coupon Code: SORYO15OFF
Valid until October 31, 2012.

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    1. Hi Olga,

      Yes, I have shipped to Russia before without any problems.
      The $15 coupon code is applied against the $165 for a full bottle, so the price will go down to $150.


  1. I can’t wait for my sample to arrive!
    I have tried both Neriko and Bushi No Kaori.
    Both an absolute pleasure to wear.

    1. Hi Marc!

      Thanks for your order. Shipping out your package tomorrow.
      Soryo No Kaori is like a cross between Jinkoh To Byakudan and Bushi No Kaori. However, you will find an added ‘greenness’ to it (Hinoki wood), as well as a slightly different assortment of spices.
      Hope you enjoy your stuff my friend!

  2. I tried to use the $15 code but the website said it was no longer available – bummer. I thought I was on time because today is Oct 31st!? Oh well, I am ordering Soryo No Kaori anyway! I received my sample with last order – just yesterday, but I greatly enjoy this oud / hinoki blend. Dark and full of strength. I am also enjoying my other four oils just received. I am wearing Kuno Kayu right now and am amazed at how perfect it is for a Borneo oud this young. Wonderful. I like the others too, but more on those later. Good job!

  3. Thats a special fruit , the most unusual blend that i smelled so far , reminds me of old japanese temple with samurais and stuff =) i never been there =) but i am almost sure it smells like that =)
    also it brings back the memories of russian traditional sauna, where fir tree branches are used and it smells very nice there.

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