Sad state of affairs

wild agarwood

Like it or not, times have changed. Hunting costs have shot up, as its no more a matter of a one-day jungle hike to collect top grade agarwood (now its takes months of living and hunting in the jungle to get the same type of wood).
And so, for this reason even lower grades of agarwood are more expensive today, because every splinter of wood that is hauled back from the jungle has to play a role in recovering the hunting expenses.

Yes, compared to the massive Super King grade chunk pictured above, you can still find lower grade agarwood more easily. A week-long hunting trek will usually suffice.
But will agarwood from such trees produce oud oils of the calibre of yesteryears? I think you know Agar Aura’s answer to that.

PS: RM2,000 ≈ $450 today (March 7 2017).

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