At Agar Aura, we believe in premium quality at a reasonable price.

There are many online stores that sell natural fragrances, but when it comes to agarwood (oud) oil, it is hard to find a product that is of high quality. Those that are pure and of high quality are usually coupled with a hefty price tag, due to the rarity of good specimens as well as the sellers’ advantage of the mysteriousness that surrounds them, here in the West.

Our aim is to bring you 100% pure agarwood oils of various regions in the Far East. We have close connections with several trustworthy distillers across the agarwood-producing world. This not only preserves a relationship of trust and friendship, but also allows us to acquire excellent oils.
We would like to share these with you; a great ongoing relationship and ouds you love.

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  1. Hi. I have only recently started using oud. A gift from a friend. Even though I have been living in the UAE and smell it everywhere.
    I haven’t ever purchases any myself given the price and not knowing how to differentiate.
    Having come across your blog though.
    I just wanted to write a thank you for sharing your experiences and understanding.
    I would love to delve into more understanding and perhaps small purchase of both oil and incense burning going forward and will be reading your blog!

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