AgarAura, the distiller

Many of our esteemed clients may have already heard the news, but those of you who haven’t: AgarAura is now officially an oud distiller.

The site chosen for AgarAura's distillery

What does this translate to?

1) The production of oud oils of a quality (and purity, of course) that surpass the standards of the most discerning of noses. We’ve been having fun distilling various oils over the past couple of months, and can’t wait to let our valued customers get their hands on oils we have distilled ourselves.

2) Needless to say, it also translates into cost-efficiency. We are now able to produce oils of similar quality compared to our previous Indonesian oils for cheaper, and able produce oils even superior  to them costing less than they otherwise would if we were simply reselling already-distilled oils.

3) We are now able to (and have already started) producing oils from some of the most exotic and untapped regions.

The month of May 2011 found me flying around Indonesia, with the aim of taking AgarAura to the next level. From the crowded streets of Bantung to enjoying the clean air of my distiller’s mountain village, from caressing the leaves of agarwood saplings to admiring the oil extracted from of one of the rarest genera of oud found in the depths of Sumatra island, the trip bequeathed a thorough ouducational satisfaction.

Distillation still
Distillation equipment almost ready

The state-of-the-art equipment that was designed and constructed for AgarAura is a hybrid hydro+steam distillation unit. Every detail of the equipment from the choice of materials and the thickness of the walls, to the dimensions and angles of the equipment’s parts was carefully designed. The result: a distillation still that could powerfully yet delicately suck out oil from feedstock at optimal temperature and pressure, gauged and controlled with needle point precision.

Stay tuned!
First drops of an out-of-this-world oil, to be released soon!

But what does all this technical mumbo jumbo really mean? It means that AgarAura can’t wait for you to get a hold of world-class oud oils that were produced using the most optimal distillation techniques; oils the likes of which other distillers hesitate to distill because of the risk and cost of production involved (and in most cases are incapable of producing due to archaic equipment).

Such carefully crafted oud oils are only destined to be enjoyed by the select few who yearn for more than the mere mediocre, and want to treat their noses to the finest scents nature has to offer.

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  1. Taha!
    I wish you all the best with the launch of your own distillery. I also can’t hold my breath to see what you’re hiding up your sleeve for oud cravers.
    March forward, AgarAura!

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