Borneo Noir – and you thought Borneos can’t smell dark

100% Pure Agarwood OilBorneo agarwood oils are the brightest and most cheerful of ouds.  They’re also generally the last thing you would reach for when you are looking for a deep, dark, woody oud.
Breaking all rules, Borneo Noir is the absolute deepest, darkest Borneo oud you are likely to ever experience.

We regularly offer Borneo oud oils distilled from true incense-grade wild harvested agarwood. If that isn’t impressive enough, we are now thrilled to announce that not just incense-grade but in fact sinking-grade wood went into distilling Borneo Noir.
In laymen’s terms: of all the oud oils on the market today, quality-wise this is currently at the top of the list.

Borneo Noir easily rivals (and even surpasses) many Indian and Cambodian ouds in  depth, complexity, and dark oudiness.
She flaunts all the bright shimmering jewels adorning any fine Borneo, but cloaked in sleek black satin, she has a mysterious and captivating allure.

This oil is similar to our old limited-edition oil East Kalimantan LTD, in its scent profile. Same dry woodiness, same touch of dignified ever-so-slightly bitter woodiness. But although the profile is the same, the infinitely darker and deeper elements coupled with an abiding tenaciousness push this oil into a class of its own. A genre altogether its own. There are moments when the heart note smells more Cambodian than Bornean, with its unusual display of contrasting rugged woody notes and brighter highlights.

Dark enough to comfort you on cold winter nights, bright and zesty enough for hot summers (its a Borneo oud after all), Borneo Noir is easily the most versatile oud oil that you can enjoy all year round.

Due to the fact that this is a limited edition oil distilled from extremely rare materials, and because some people already booked their bottles before its release, samples won’t be available for this oil. Be sure to grab your bottle before its gone!

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