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AgarAura already has many exciting developments underway, including new oud oils and ideas for new mukhallat blends.
But we want to ask YOU, the esteemed client, to tell us what you want.

Are you craving an oud oil from a particular country, region, or species of agarwood? Do you have an idea for a new blend, and want AgarAura to give it life?

You can reply right here and tell us what you want.
We also encourage you to visit our Facebook page, and participate in the Oud Genre’ poll.

This is your chance to have a say in what AgarAura offers on the website. We value your input!


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    1. @Karim and @Henry,
      I plan to have 2 very special, high quality, Indian oud oils soon! Still in the wood procurement stage right now… but based on the quality of the feedstock, I announce: be prepared to be blown away!

  1. Hi – I’m searching for an Oud that smells like Japanese kyara wood incense when its burned. Do you carry anything like that?


    1. Josh,
      Unfortunately, the smell of the *smoke* of kyara cannot be replicated in an oil. Its easier to find sandalwood oils close to sandalwood smoke, and to some extent even certain varieties of oud (e.g. Filaria from Papua island) can yield oils similar to their smoke.

      However, kyara is such a complex scent that a single oud oil by itself cannot capture what kyara has to offer. Some oils will be reminiscent of a facet or two of kyara (e.g. the ‘greenness’, or the dryness of ‘dry’ kyara, or the wetness of ‘wet’ kyara, or the scent genre)… but at the end of the day, smoke is smoke, and oils are oils. It is hard to make one smell exactly like the other.

      Having said all that, I want to let you know that the development of a high-grade Vietnamese oil is currently underway. I’m hoping that, given the fact that this oil as well as kyara share the same geographical origin, there are lots of resemblances between the two – compared to other oils vs kyara.
      I am also working on creating an Aquilaria Crassna-based oud blend that resembles kyara.

      Stay tuned!

  2. Since you are asking, Cambodis and Hindis. Funky Hindis. I very much enjoy your mukhallats and am excited to see those new ideas come to life.

  3. Hmmmmm, I love oud,patchouli, sandalwood, true ambergris. So most of my likes are base scents or fixatives.would love to
    Inhale a genuine rose(taif rose sp?)anyway keep up the
    Top-shelf Oud fineries.

  4. Looking forward to anything you plan to release, I love mukhallats (well, not all of course… 😉 ), as for a suggestion, maybe you can do something with Guaiac wood?

    1. Wa alaykum assalam brother,

      Try Al-Arabiya. It is also very luban-intensive, and also has a very tobacco-y vibe (no tobacco extract used though). Naqi was more unique smelling, while Al-Arabiya is more classic Arabic. However, both would loosely fall in the same category.

      Also, I do plan to create a very high grade hydro-distilled Papua/Irian oil as well. The only problem is that you have to buy a *HUGE* quantity of wood (tons of kilos), otherwise they will not bother to sell to you.

  5. Taha,

    Hi, you may not remember me, my name is David, I’m a dentist in nyc (don’t know if this helps, but I’m the guy that made you aware of a great toffee like note in your cambodian royale (don’t know if i remember the name right)). Anyway, i am responding to your email entitled ‘tell agaraura what you want’, and since I don’t know where to offer my input, I am emailing you directly. I am going crazy looking for a high quality merauke, and know I can turn to you for one. I am therefore, responding , and indeed requesting a high quality merauake. Thanks for your efforts, which ultimately allow me to aquire high quality ouds. Keep up the good work,


    1. Thanks for the suggestion David, and yes of course I remember you!
      I have good news for you: AgarAura does plan to have a really high-grade hydro-distilled Merauke oil. Its a little tough due to certain logistic policies that affect oud wood leaving Papua island, but hopefully I’ll be able to work something out.

  6. Salaam Taha,

    I would like to see Oud from Laos and maybe a little classical Mukhalat (Oud and Taiff Rose). Thank you for asking.

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