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100% Pure Agarwood OilClean. Pristine. Scrumptious.
You’d think I’m talking about a Borneo oud. Far from it.

From a land which has given us some of the most pungent, fecal and animalic ouds, Royal Assam is the very definition of an anomaly.

Oud oils from the Indian province of Meghalaya have an unmistakable sweet toffee-like scent – the kind that was the key note of our Sultan Al-Hind. By carefully tweaking each factor in the production of this Assam oil, I managed to not only achieve but in fact surpass the addictively sweet qualities of Meghalayan ouds.

One could argue that it was the superiority of the raw materials that gives this oud its sublimity and clarity. Or the fact that the water used for lightly soaking the wood prior to distillation was clean, pure drinking water, as was the water used during distillation — unlike the mineral and microbe-rich ground water typically used in Indian distillations. Perhaps it was the fact that, contrary to common practice, the wood wasn’t left to ferment for months prior to distillation. Or surely the cleanness and richness of the scent could be attributed to the fact that the oil was separated and collected after only 5 days of distillation, ensuring that only the most pristine and full-boded aromatic molecules were captured and the ‘muddier’ ones were avoided.
It was in fact all those reasons that bequeath Royal Assam its uniqueness, and more — reasons which will be revealed, as I roll out some more unique Indian oud oils, each with a story of its own.

If you isolate the honeyed sweetness of Malinau ouds, fuse it with the fruitiness of the most addictive Thai ouds, then add to it the mouthwatering caramelicious notes of Meghalayan ouds, and give it the soft woody and golden hay base common to all great Indian ouds from Assam… you almost achieve the scent of Royal Assam. Almost, but not quite.
The absence of minerals and microbes in the water used for distilling this oil resulted in a stunning clarity that reveals scent notes which are otherwise left obscured in other Assamese ouds: sweet deer musk (TONS of it), dark chocolate, tuberose, Chaunsa mangoes and honey. But instead of a confused meddley of jarring scent notes, they unite in a harmonious ensemble.

An olfactory delight from beginning to end, this is an oud that is so pleasant you could wear it to work without worrying about offending others.
And its Indian, no less.

Royal Assam. An Assam oud like none other.

$30 Coupon Code: ASSAM30OFF
Valid until September 20, 2012.

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